"How do we get started and what do you need from me?"

Once you decide that you would like for us to assist you in developing your website, a simple contract stating your package will be e-mailed to you.  We ask for 1/2 down to start and balance due upon completion of your site.

We will discuss your ideas and implement them into several mock "headers" for you to choose from.  You may send us pictures, logo or anything you would like included. The headers will be viewed from our website during this process.

Once we have received 1/2 down we will process your .com name and place the header of your choosing as the main element for each page.  We will need from you, pictures, descriptions, articles, etc.  Anything you want included on the site.

The design of your site is a factor in how you are presented.  Sites need good design to present the image of themselves as solid, trustworthy, and competent.

Items to keep in mind:

Websites with long loading times have proven to drive visitors away.

Websites with too many animations and/or music will drive visitors away.

Websites selling something without listing prices have a hard time closing sales.

Simple, elegant, to-the-point, "say it right away - don't tease me" sites have proven to do the best.

Good solid information with easy navagiation is best.